Reinstall Windows


Is your computer running slowly or crashing frequently? Is it stuck in a boot loop, for example? Whatever the issue, whether hardware or software-related, you can rely on us to resolve it. We are focusing on software-related issues in this article, but if you have a hardware-related issue, please call 0467 979 462.

Reasons to Reinstall Windows

There could be a number of reasons why you should have your laptop or computer reinstalled with Windows. To begin with, your software files may be corrupted. This prevents the computer from booting up or causes it to crash repeatedly. Another reason could be that one of the computer or laptop's components, such as the processor or graphics card, is faulty. This will not prevent the computer from booting up; instead, it will cause the computer or laptop to bluescreen. When you turn on your computer, instead of the software starting up properly, you get a blue screen. There are numerous other reasons why your computer may require a reinstall.

About Us

Here at Burgo's Computing Solutions, we have the knowledge needed to repair your laptops, tablets and desktop computer, as well as the ability to come to you at your home to save you the trouble of travelling to us. This way, you can go about your day normally, knowing that we will only need 10 to 15 minutes to look at and take your PC back with us to complete the job.

If you require a Windows re-installation, call us on 0467 979 462.