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The Data Loss Tragedy

One of the most common, and certainly the most tragic events that can happen in your computing world, is a system crash and the loss of your data. There are usually some very dear moments captured on your computer to say nothing of the work and history you have on there as well. Sometimes it’s unexpected – the worst kind. Other times, there were hints thrown at you by your computer, but you chose to ignore them. It’s not necessarily a life and death situation and there are ways in which data can be recovered.

Fix it

You can take your PC or laptop to your local expert if you live in the Beaconsfield area and they will be only too happy to run a recovery program for you. Or you can use your own software and recover your data that way. Be prepared for some good advice about backing up your system too. Burgo’s covers local areas like Beauty Point, Greens Beach, Legana, Riverside, and most of Tasmania if necessary.

Finding the Best Software

If you’re a DIY kind of person, you will want to try to use some software to do the recovery. If you are a computer dummy, please, don’t bother. There will be even more problems down the road. If you live in Brisbane area you can take the computer to Burgo’s Computing Solutions Some of the things you will need to consider when choosing the best software are:

  • What additional functions you will need to perform to recover the data.

  • What is your operating system, that is, Windows 10, Windows 8, Linux, Mac

  • What was the name of the file system in which your lost data was stored.

  • In Which medium was it? Hard Drive, Disc Drive, etc.

Anyone See the Clouds?

Did you know there is a whole industry out there specifically to assist people whenever they lose data? Computers have become an integral part of our lives and it’s where we store our data. Regardless of all the free storage available on Google and iCloud, and the low price of storing data on the cloud, we still persist in keeping everything on our laptop or PC. AND, we don’t back up.

You can lose data because of a virus or the OS has caused a crash because of some update bug. Software companies and your local technician in places like Exeter, are there to provide assistance.

How did you lose your data?

  • The system сrаѕhed

  • You have dаmаgеd fіlеѕ

  • You copped a virus аttасk

  • Uh! Oh! Aссіdеntаl dеlеtіоn

  • Suddеn computer shutdown

How does this Work?

The data recovery software is able to access secondary storage which may have failed or been corrupted. These areas are usually inaccessible in normal circumstances. Data can also be recovered from a flash USB, DVD’s, an external hard drive, storage tapes and your SSD (Solid State Drive). You can also recover data if there has been physical damage to a storage device. Throwing your computer away without properly securing your data means that if somebody found it they can still access your data. Assuming, of course, they were as smart as the techs at Burgo’s Computing Solutions.

Technically speaking

For the technically minded, the recovery software is designed in such a way that it can recapture files that have been written over regardless of bad sectors. The types of data that can be recovered include MS Documents, music files, emails and even images.

The software carries out searches on the hard drive and locates all recoverable data, pieces it all together in a defrag, then provides it in a readable format. The software is not hard to install. That’s of course if your computer hasn’t crashed completely.

The Best Option

Opting for a technician that knows what they are doing, is always the best bet. Don’t think about the cost. Think about the data you might never see again if you stuff it up! Anyway, add the cost of the software, your time, and the possibility of failure, and you really should be going to a qualified technician or computer repair expert nearest you.

Alternative Storage and Backing Up

Okay, you might not like the idea of storing your most sensitive info on the cloud. You lack confidence, and with some of the hacking that has happened lately, you might be right. But for heaven’s sake! Back up your data and this whole article will be a waste of your time to read.

If you are at your local technician, ask the question about backing up your data. Find out the best and the cheapest and the safest way to do it. They will put your mind at ease with logical information. Can you really risk losing those holiday snaps of your travels through Europe? A trip you saved for a lifetime and one you will never repeat? No, didn’t think so. Back up your data!

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