Repairing liquid damaged laptops?

One of the most common issues which a lot of users might face is spilling liquid on their laptop.

We usually use our laptops at home, in our bedroom or in the office and we like to get a nice cup of coffee to sip on while we get creative or working. Suddenly it slips and the liquid goes all over and into the laptop.

There are different symptoms you might see after the incident.

The laptop might work without any problem, the keyboard or trackpad might stop working, or in a worst case scenario, the laptop won’t switch on.

The next step you might do is to search online to find a solution. (Assuming you have to go elsewhere and use another person's computer!)

One of those urban myths that we can guarantee you that will not work - is to put the laptop in a pile of rice and let it dry for 48 hours! Insane, that one!

The best thing is to take out the battery , don’t connect the charger, and don’t try to turn it on.

If liquid went through your laptop, and even if you could dry it out, it will still leave a stain which you can’t get rid of without opening the laptop.

Turning the laptop on might cause more damage.

One certain thing is the laptop has to be thoroughly cleaned, inside and out.

You can probably clean the outside by using a cloth or towel but you don’t have access to the internal parts. We don’t recommend that you think it's okay and keep trying to use the laptop.

The sooner you take it to your friendly computer tech, the cheaper it might be in the long run.

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